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All About Indian Dishes And Flavors

It’s worth noting while the variety of Indian cuisine is incredibly vast; the menus at Indian restaurants are dominated by the North Indian Food. The most popular of dishes within the North Indian cuisine use the same curry because of which it is easy for the Indian restaurants to cook an item in large quantities and often it becomes the specialty of the restaurants.

Here is a list of North Indian food items.

Chicken tikka masala

One of the most deliciously cooked items on the menu of any Indian restaurant is Chicken tikka. Marinated in spicy sauce, cooked until juicy and smoky, and missed with the tadka, the chicken tikka makes for the perfect dinner dish you have been craving for. Most of the Indians and even visitors often like to have this dish when visiting or ordering from a restaurant in Ghaziabad, Delhi, or anywhere in India. Different restaurants have different taste as the curry differs.

Butter Chicken

Another favorite dish among the Indians is butter chicken which is as simple as its name. It gets cooked in butter gravy until the meat melts and the bone become soft and savor. Butter chicken is very similar to chicken tikka but is different in its own sense because of its orange and thick gravy. Just the name of the dish can leave you craving for it.

Chana masala

Apart from the non-vegetarian dishes, there are some mouth-watering vegetarian dishes too that you can find in almost every restaurant in India. Chana masala is a very popular Indian dish and people relish it with a kulcha.

Dal Makhani

When talking about Indian dishes, how can we forget the staple dal makhani which is always at the first number in the menu cards of the restaurants? Dal Makhani is perhaps the all-time favorite item when it comes to vegetarian food. This item is cooked in a lot of butter, cream and clove which adds an amazing taste to it.


Korma is meat marinated in garlic and ginger sauce. The cooking process of korma is quite time consuming and difficult but the taste is mouth-watering. If the korma tastes good, that’s perhaps because it has taken a lot of efforts to be cooked and served. The list of Indian cuisine is never ending; there are so many other items on the list. Check our next blog for more discussion on Indian food items and its amazing taste.


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